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Rise of the Runelords Part 1: Burnt Offerings.

Session 2: Local Heroes and Glass and Wrath

One week guys, remember Saturday 06/27/15 from 5:00 pm on and Sunday 06/28/15 from 10am on. If everyone gets here earlier then 10 we will start early.

You guys will definitely hit level 2, and possibly level 3 before we are done, so start thinking about what you want for your character.

I also just finished the adventure log for Festival and Fire.
Rise of the Runelords Part 1: Burnt Offerings.

Session 2: Local Heroes

Don’t forget! Friday May 15th. 6:30 pm. Don’t be late!
Rise of the Runelords Part 1: Burnt Offerings.

Session 1: Attack on Sandpoint

Well done people. I had a blast running the game. Didn’t even see eye rolling when I broke out carnival games! I wasn’t sure how that would go.

It looks like the next part ‘Local Heroes’ will be on a Friday. Just about any Friday will work for me. This would be a 6:30 start, and would be a little shorter then the last two. Send a text or email about dates.

You guys have all impressed the hell out of me.

Holy Crap it happened!

We finally all got into a room together and played! And it actually went pretty damned smooth in my opinion. I am glad that you guys had a good time, and that I did not embarrass myself to badly.

So tentatively we are scheduled for Sat. April 25th. 5:00 pm. for Rise of the Runelords Part 1: Burnt Offerings.


Well, the party is complete.

Duane will be an as of now unnamed Summoner.
Jim will be Izora the Whirling Dervish Swashbuckler.
Matt will be Mousa the Shaman.
Mike will be Lanthran the Hunter.
Tom will be the clueless DM.

We start March 21st. 5pm at my place.

Prologue: Black Fang

Send me your backgrounds and a pic as soon as able, you should have your miniatures by the 21st, but I wont get picky about a paint job until session 2.

On the 21st, bring your character, mini, drinks or snacks and lets do this.


We have a background! Matt has posted about his Shaman on the forum and it looks great.

When we meet up we will do the mechanical part of character creation, but if you want to start it yourself remember that we will be using a 20 point buy, and as long as you don’t try to sneak in anything crazy, your starting basic equipment is free.

So far the characters that have been officially announced are Mike’s Hunter and Matt’s Shaman.


I have the forum up and running. Only one thread so far. If you have any general questions for the DM, ask there.

Once everyone has at least a general idea of what they want to play we will have to get together to make your characters.

And remember, this site: has everything you need to know about Pathfinder.

I added a couple of maps: Sandpoint, the town you will spend a lot of your time in, and Varisia, the area of the world Sandpoint is located in.

I would like to start in March and we will start at one Saturday a month at 5:00pm. Depending on how things go, we can speed things up or slow things down after a while.

Characters’ attributes will be a 20 point buy in. Your character can be from Sandpoint if you wish, but if so you have not been there in several years. The only class I will not allow is the Summoner, even Paizo says it is a broken class. The year is 4707 AR.

You have all formed an adventurer party, if you have been in business for a while, or just starting out is up to you. Also if you are in it for profit or the greater good. All up to you. When we start up the first game there have been problems in the farmlands outside of Sandpoint. Sheep and Cattle have been disappearing. Following the trail you come across a cave….

Rise of the Runelords

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